Stealing customers from big brands!

As a small business you have a lot going on for you that the big dogs can’t compete with. So don’t psych yourself out. You have the ability to steal customers away simply by focusing on the many strengths that come with being small.

Keep it simple

Customers want products that are easy to use and services that make sense the first time they’re explained. As a small business, by keeping it simple you focus on your core customer and ensure that they’re going to be happy doing business with you. So let the big guys be complicated. You just be profitable.

If you take your time to create titles and descriptions that are meant to drag your potential customers kicking and screaming to you, they may skip over competitors and choose you instead.

Outmanoeuvre big brands

When your small, you’re nimble. You have the opportunity to react to what you see happening in the market. Bigger brands don’t have this luxury. It takes them time for the advertising to be created, be approved and sent out. As a small business the fact that you can ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee’ as necessary is incredibly useful.

Be fearless

This doesn’t mean you should be reckless, but it does mean being bold and taking chances. It means experimenting with new technology or methods while the big boys are still fighting for approval to even create a Twitter account. Being fearless allows small business owners to take risks and try things while the cost of failing at them is still relatively low. Take advantage of your size while the big brands are still having meetings about it.

Become a brand yourself

You’re small! So what? That’s no excuse for not taking the time to develop a trusted and visible brand of your own. By incorporating blogging, Twitter, Facebook, forums and more into your marketing mix, you can work to create consistent content around your brand to make sure you’re visible and in front of your audience at all times.

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