Motivating yourself to start a business

Starting a business is really easy, but are you truly motivated? You really need to be a self-motivator to a run a business. If you’re not, then you’ll find out the hard way. When you get lazy, things fall apart pretty quickly.

Getting your first customers

So how do you get some work? Well depending on what you are doing, the best thing to do is pick up the phone book or directory and start calling. Cold calling skills are great way to break down the doors for getting work, so do some research on how to get in the door as this can be quite difficult.

If you take your time to create titles and descriptions that are meant to drag your potential customers kicking and screaming to you, they may skip over competitors and choose you instead.

Go that little bit further

Once you manage to touch base with a Client and you start to do work for them - make sure you deliver to a high standard. If they are the type of Client you will get repeat work from, the over deliver on your first project well and truly to impress them as much as possible. Give them great value for money.

Be a show off

The first project you win you can enter into your portfolio and then use the portfolio to visit other Clients and show them the work you have completed. This has a snowball effect as new Clients can then be confident of the level of quality you deliver if you show them your portfolio.

This is a great way to start a small business and before you know it, if you provide cost effective prices and top quality work, people will start beating down your door to do the work for them, which is what you are really after.

Be tight with your cash

This is a common mistake I see people making time and time again. When you first start out, be really tight fisted and don’t go spending money on the latest equipment or mass-advertising campaigns. Just make do with the equipment you have until you start to generate some good money, unless it is preventing you from doing good work. This will ensure you don’t go into large debt which could be difficult to get out of if you don’t win some large contracts. Be sensible.

Sometimes the hardest thing about starting a business is taking the first step. If you need a push, pop in and see us for a coffee and chat.

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