Networking to Success

There are many networking events taking place and they’re a great way to increase sales - if you know how to get the most out of them. So I’m going to go through some useful tips that will help you become a social guru at such events.

Be prepared!

Make sure you turn up early and have all your networking “tools” with you. This will include an amply supply of your business cards, name badge, any marketing material, a note-pad, pen and a well rehearsed elevator pitch.

Plan ahead

Practice your elevator pitch in advanced. Try it out on your family and friends and get their feedback. Most networking events offer a 60-second pitch. This is a great opportunity for you to utilise your elevator pitch to make sure everyone knows what your business is about - even if you don’t get to speak to everyone in the room individually.

Focus on giving

It takes time to earn someone’s trust and confidence. So focus on “giving” first and be helpful to others - the “getting” will come later. Find ways of connecting other people in the room or with someone else you know that would benefit from the connection.


Leave all your troubles behind and walk in with a smile. Put on a happy face - it’s your time to “shine”. Everyone has enough problems of their own - they don’t want to hear about your troubles, trust me.

Teach them - Don't sell to them

A good networker knows that the goal of networking is about building relationships with people who are happy to tell others about what you do. This is the most cost-effective and powerful form of advertising. Tell others about the type of client you are looking for and why they can refer you business with confidence.

Follow up - Then follow up some more

After the event send each and every person you’ve met an email mentioning something you’ve discussed and thanking them for their time. If there is a referral you can supply at this time, include it in the email and then remember to follow that up.

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