Top tips for your business logo

The most useful asset of your brand is most likely going to be your logo. By having a strong brand for your company, you can ensure that people recognise your business and are able to seek out your services and products after a good experience. At the same time it gives your products recognition, which can help give you an edge over your competitors.

To create this strong brand, you will need to employ several other techniques and strategies, and here having a great logo will help you a great deal. It will enable you to gain instant recognition through a simple image, and to put your ‘stamp’ quite literally on everything you do. However, the logo has to be designed well and be conducive to your success.

Keep it simple

First of all, it’s important to keep your logo as simple as possible. If you make it too complicated then that will make it more difficult to replicate. The brilliance of the Nike tick - an undoubtedly successful logo - is partly that it can be drawn so easily which has given it an almost viral quality.

Connect it to your business

The Nike logo is also very interesting because as a tick it’s a very positive and optimistic image which reflects the nature of the company that is all about pushing yourself further to achieve things. It’s important to link your image with your company on some level in this way, as otherwise it will just be a random image. If you don’t reflect your company name or industry, then at least try to reflect the ethos of your business.

It can be abstract

That’s not to say though that your logo can’t be abstract - if you’re struggling for ideas then there’s nothing wrong with using a random glyph or set of images in a particular arrangement that evoke the same feelings as your business.

Choose your colours wisely

Most popular brands focus on just major colours and this is true whether it’s Virgin, Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas or many of the other big names. As with anything, there are exceptions of course, such as Google. If you want to make your image look professional and retain that simple appeal, then picking two colours and making those your own is always good strategy. Likewise think about which colours will work well with your products and your properties, and which ones will be noticeable/evocative of your company.

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